Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday May 1 2011

Today is Sunday. Absolutely beautiful today. 80 degrees, sunny and breezy. Springtime is just beautiful today. Mom has looked out the window many times already to say how beautiful the flowers are. She's actually looking at trees, but oh well. Got up this morning. Started laundry. Gave out medicine. Filled up medicine for week. Did some study and research. Did more laundry. Got Mom cleaned up and dressed. She looks so cute. Dad promised he would try to listen to a book again today. Still waiting...Finished laundry about 4:30. Gathered up mom and dad, went to grocery store. That was an experience. Mom touched everything she could possibly reach. Every time I told her not to move, she proceeded to walk away. So I had to chain her to the cart. Only kidding. But she did have to hold on.

Made the mistake of passing the cards and wrapping paper only to find a stuffed Easter Bunny. Before I could turn her away, Mom found the bunny and claimed it as her own. And so it was hers. We brought said bunny to the diner for dinner with us. The bunny had his own seat on top of the table. She named the pink bunny Shu Shu. Go figure.

Got home about 6:45. Made lunches for week. Cut up a chicken for tomorrow's dinner. Cut up a cantalope. Made a salad. Put groceries away. Examined all bags to make sure Mom did not repack the groceries or throw them in trash. Completed the day and took Mom upstairs for quiet time. She is now sitting in her favorite chair fast asleep and looking like an angel. By the way, she's been wearing her winter coat all day even at the store and at dinner. Quite a sight.

Dad is walking up stairs now to sit with us for a while. He just pinched Mom's cheek and she proceeded to growl at him. Sundowner's in full swing right now. Just handed her her stuffed dog. The world is a better place. Dad comes up now in th evening to have some family time with us. He is commenting on the exorbitant amount of commercials on TV and how could we stand it. Same words every night. Life is good.

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  1. Yes, life is good, thanks to you all. My wish is that I could be sharing this with you, as I know how much work is involved. Mom now has quite a collection of stuffed animals... all named Shu Shu. : )

    Luv & hugs, Ant Mair