Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday May 13 2011

So its Friday the 13th. Went to breakfast with Jess. Got our nails done. Jess went to house sit.  I went to be with Mom. Got to nursing home. Mom was sitting in day room with a few other residents. She's so little and soooooooooooo cute. I said, "Hi Ma.....and she gave me the biggest toothless smile. So we sat for a while in the day room and then took a ride around the rehab center to check things out.  She approved so we went back to her room.

Dad and Christie went at lunch time and had lunch with Mom.  She's not swallowing very well.  Not sure if she's being stubborn or if she really is having trouble.  This too shall pass!!!! Dad was so glad to see her.  She was so glad to see him.  When I got there, she said.."is daddy coming?"  It's so great to be loved. Stayed until 7:00pm.  Fed her diner. Tucked her in her bed.  Took off her shoes. Yes she let me take them off. Went home to be with Dad. 

Dad is feeling a little insecure.  He seems a bit anxious and wants to stay very close to home.  I'm just going to role with it and follow his lead.  After all, he's the BOSS!!! 

OK kids, that's all for now.  Brian is coming tomorrow and I have to get some sleep. 

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