Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday May 2 2011

Monday, Monday. Always the blahs on Monday. That goes for Mom too even though she has no idea what day it is. For some reason, her body has this built in clock that lets her know when to be blue and when to be frisky. It's amazing. I left them in morning still asleep like little angels. Came home last night to Kung Fu Lightening. Both Dad and Mom in sundowners mode. A couple of kisses and hugs later, all was good in the world again.

Spoke to Jess. Mom spoke to her as well. Ant Mair called. Everyone spoke to her too. Mom wrapped telephone in newspaper and proceeded to toss in waste basket.

Mom brought bunny rabbit upstairs with her, wrapped them both in a blanket and went to sleep on the famous red chair. I did eventually move her to couch under much protest. Dad was not feeling himself last night; however, he did perk up after his first lb. of chocolate. Donations gladly accepted -- chocolate that is. Dad, Shu Shu, Lizzie and Ophelia all went to bed with Dad about 9:00. Not one of them stays with me any more. They all want Daddy.

I get the Mom. Dad gets the rest. Oh well. It ended up being a good evening. Mom talked in her sleep all night (I should say fought in her sleep). She was yelling at someone. Don't know who. All forgotten by this morning. She was up and at'em at 4:30am. I woke up to her staring at me in the face. Quite a sight. So woke up. Got act together. Mom went back to sleep.

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