Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Apr 30 2011

Got up early. Went to get haircut. Went to get service on car. Called Dad to see if they wanted lunch. Dad said they were already eating. I stopped and got food anyway. Mom and Dad will eat their meatball sub for dinner. I ate my tuna sandwich and played cards with Dad while Mom narrated game. We played vigorously. Have lots of fun. Kicked Dad's ....... He took it well. He reserved judgment for a do over. Game to be continued tomorrow. Went up to den for some TV time with Mom. Also to give Dad a break for a while. So I fell asleep. Mom tore room apart. I woke up. Oh my goodness. Put room back in order. Got a call from a friend. Went to dinner. Mom and Dad forgot about meatball subs and ate soup that I made for them yesterday. I came home a little while later. Sat with folks for a while. Took Mom back upstairs. She's asleep on her chair. I'm sitting here writing the day's events. They are so sweet. I love them so much.

Oh, I forgot. While I had my day w mom and dad, Jess called. She's ok. Kristen posted some pics of my baby girl on Facebook. Had a great time downloading them and looking at how bit my little girl is. Asked Kristen why there are no pics of her. She said no one take any. OK, Brian, take some pics of your beautiful wife!!!!

I miss my family very badly but am glad that I am here for mom and dad. All things happen for specific purposes. I know that my purpose is to help them through their remaining years and I am privileged to do so. I love you mom and dad!!

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  1. Hey Mickie: You are doing an unbelievably wonderful job with mom and dad, and just now that we appreciate it! I pray for you all everyday... never miss. You did a great job with B and J too. Love, Ant Mair