Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday May 13 2011

So its Friday the 13th. Went to breakfast with Jess. Got our nails done. Jess went to house sit.  I went to be with Mom. Got to nursing home. Mom was sitting in day room with a few other residents. She's so little and soooooooooooo cute. I said, "Hi Ma.....and she gave me the biggest toothless smile. So we sat for a while in the day room and then took a ride around the rehab center to check things out.  She approved so we went back to her room.

Dad and Christie went at lunch time and had lunch with Mom.  She's not swallowing very well.  Not sure if she's being stubborn or if she really is having trouble.  This too shall pass!!!! Dad was so glad to see her.  She was so glad to see him.  When I got there, she said.."is daddy coming?"  It's so great to be loved. Stayed until 7:00pm.  Fed her diner. Tucked her in her bed.  Took off her shoes. Yes she let me take them off. Went home to be with Dad. 

Dad is feeling a little insecure.  He seems a bit anxious and wants to stay very close to home.  I'm just going to role with it and follow his lead.  After all, he's the BOSS!!! 

OK kids, that's all for now.  Brian is coming tomorrow and I have to get some sleep. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday May 9 2011

Today was an eventful day. It started bad but ended much better. Got to hospital. Went to Mom's room. Nurses rolling her over with shoulder unattended. I proceeded to freak. I asked if they knew she had broken collar bone.  They said no. I then asked if they knew she had start of bed sore as they were laying her on her back.  They again said no. With that, the case manager walks in to see if I have visited a nursing home yet for rehabilitation because they need to get approval from insurance company which may take a long time.  I asked what constituted a long time.  --  24 hours.  Oh my God.  I proceeded to have a meltdown.  Oh, forgot to say that when I got to hospital, Mom had 101 degree fever.  So charge nurse came in.  He spoke to me for about 1/2 hour. Told him what I thought.  He agreed.  (yeah right).  Let him know that there was a complete breakdown in communication which was just not acceptable.  Told him about case manager. Told him they were ready to discharge Mom with a fever.

OK, by that point, Dr. came in.  Spoke to him about Mom's future. It was agreed that they would do cat scan on pelvis, stomach and chest to see if there were any metastasized tissue -- which might indicate whether tumors in brain are cancerous or not.  NO MRI.  Too much for Mom to go through.

OK, after the drama ended about noon, we sat Mom in a chair which perked her up right away.  She sat for about 1/2 hour when physical therapist came in.  Well, here we go.  Not only did Mom stand up on her own weight, but she walked about 30 feet with help only for balance, not for strength.  The hospital was so shocked, they applauded when she made it to the nurses station. 

I rewarded her with french fries and ice cream from Mc Donalds.  That of course was her incentive. She got in a wheel chair back to her bed. She was so tired she actually snored and slept for about 3 1/2 hours.  She woke up about 5:30 with such a smile on her face.  Bright eyed and bushy tailed.  She is all smiles and I left her about 6:30 while she was eating her dinner.  She told me it was ok to leave becuase DiDi was feeding her.  DiDi is a nurse.

God is good.  Le'ts see what tomorrow brings. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday May 2 2011

Monday, Monday. Always the blahs on Monday. That goes for Mom too even though she has no idea what day it is. For some reason, her body has this built in clock that lets her know when to be blue and when to be frisky. It's amazing. I left them in morning still asleep like little angels. Came home last night to Kung Fu Lightening. Both Dad and Mom in sundowners mode. A couple of kisses and hugs later, all was good in the world again.

Spoke to Jess. Mom spoke to her as well. Ant Mair called. Everyone spoke to her too. Mom wrapped telephone in newspaper and proceeded to toss in waste basket.

Mom brought bunny rabbit upstairs with her, wrapped them both in a blanket and went to sleep on the famous red chair. I did eventually move her to couch under much protest. Dad was not feeling himself last night; however, he did perk up after his first lb. of chocolate. Donations gladly accepted -- chocolate that is. Dad, Shu Shu, Lizzie and Ophelia all went to bed with Dad about 9:00. Not one of them stays with me any more. They all want Daddy.

I get the Mom. Dad gets the rest. Oh well. It ended up being a good evening. Mom talked in her sleep all night (I should say fought in her sleep). She was yelling at someone. Don't know who. All forgotten by this morning. She was up and at'em at 4:30am. I woke up to her staring at me in the face. Quite a sight. So woke up. Got act together. Mom went back to sleep.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday May 1 2011

Today is Sunday. Absolutely beautiful today. 80 degrees, sunny and breezy. Springtime is just beautiful today. Mom has looked out the window many times already to say how beautiful the flowers are. She's actually looking at trees, but oh well. Got up this morning. Started laundry. Gave out medicine. Filled up medicine for week. Did some study and research. Did more laundry. Got Mom cleaned up and dressed. She looks so cute. Dad promised he would try to listen to a book again today. Still waiting...Finished laundry about 4:30. Gathered up mom and dad, went to grocery store. That was an experience. Mom touched everything she could possibly reach. Every time I told her not to move, she proceeded to walk away. So I had to chain her to the cart. Only kidding. But she did have to hold on.

Made the mistake of passing the cards and wrapping paper only to find a stuffed Easter Bunny. Before I could turn her away, Mom found the bunny and claimed it as her own. And so it was hers. We brought said bunny to the diner for dinner with us. The bunny had his own seat on top of the table. She named the pink bunny Shu Shu. Go figure.

Got home about 6:45. Made lunches for week. Cut up a chicken for tomorrow's dinner. Cut up a cantalope. Made a salad. Put groceries away. Examined all bags to make sure Mom did not repack the groceries or throw them in trash. Completed the day and took Mom upstairs for quiet time. She is now sitting in her favorite chair fast asleep and looking like an angel. By the way, she's been wearing her winter coat all day even at the store and at dinner. Quite a sight.

Dad is walking up stairs now to sit with us for a while. He just pinched Mom's cheek and she proceeded to growl at him. Sundowner's in full swing right now. Just handed her her stuffed dog. The world is a better place. Dad comes up now in th evening to have some family time with us. He is commenting on the exorbitant amount of commercials on TV and how could we stand it. Same words every night. Life is good.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Apr 30 2011

Got up early. Went to get haircut. Went to get service on car. Called Dad to see if they wanted lunch. Dad said they were already eating. I stopped and got food anyway. Mom and Dad will eat their meatball sub for dinner. I ate my tuna sandwich and played cards with Dad while Mom narrated game. We played vigorously. Have lots of fun. Kicked Dad's ....... He took it well. He reserved judgment for a do over. Game to be continued tomorrow. Went up to den for some TV time with Mom. Also to give Dad a break for a while. So I fell asleep. Mom tore room apart. I woke up. Oh my goodness. Put room back in order. Got a call from a friend. Went to dinner. Mom and Dad forgot about meatball subs and ate soup that I made for them yesterday. I came home a little while later. Sat with folks for a while. Took Mom back upstairs. She's asleep on her chair. I'm sitting here writing the day's events. They are so sweet. I love them so much.

Oh, I forgot. While I had my day w mom and dad, Jess called. She's ok. Kristen posted some pics of my baby girl on Facebook. Had a great time downloading them and looking at how bit my little girl is. Asked Kristen why there are no pics of her. She said no one take any. OK, Brian, take some pics of your beautiful wife!!!!

I miss my family very badly but am glad that I am here for mom and dad. All things happen for specific purposes. I know that my purpose is to help them through their remaining years and I am privileged to do so. I love you mom and dad!!